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Thursday, 10 Dec 2020

MTCDC-NMC 43 DC from Str-Supera

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English | RAR | 15.6 GB

Strange Adventures v1 001-244 (1950-1973)
Strange Adventures v2 01-04 (Vertigo(1999-2000)
Strange Adventures v3 01-08 (2009)
Strange Adventures v4 001 (2011)
An interesting attempt a genre blending.
Strange Sports Stories 01-06 (1973-1974)
Strange Suspense Stories v1=Captain Atom 75-77(Charlton(1965)
Stray (Homage(2001)
Street Code Chapter 1-6 p01-p60 (Zudacomics-DC Web(2008)
Street Fighter is not something I care about, but for those who do I have lots of Non-DC added in
Street Fighter (Malibu
Street Fighter 01-02 (1994)
Street Fighter 01-03 (1993)
Street Fighter (Udon
Street Fighter 01-14 (2003-2005)
Street Fighter II 00-06 (2005-2006)
Street Fighter II Turbo 01-12 (2008-2010)
Street Fighter IV 01-04 (2009)
Street Fighter IV Target Exclusive 001 (2009)
Street Fighter Legends-Chun Li 01-04 (2009)
Street Fighter Legends-Ibuki 01-04 (2010)
Street Fighter Legends-Sakura 01-04 (2006)
Street Fighter Remix 000 (2008)
Street Fighter v1 00-06 (Image(2003-2004)
Street Fighter-Battle for Shadaloo (DC-Capcom(1999)
The Street Fighter Magazine 001 (Capcom(02-20090
Streets, because thats’ so much cooler than “Sidewalks”
Streets 01-03 (1993)
Strontium Dog
Judge Dredd & Strontium Dog-Judgement Day 2000AD Books
Strontium Dog from Judge Dredd Megazine
Strontium Dog 001 (SQP
Strontium Dog 01-04 (Eagle(1985-1986)
Strontium Dog 192p.pdf
Strontium Dog Book 0-18(i) (1989-1999)
Strontium Dog Special 001 (1987)
Strontium Dog-Archive Edition-The Complete 2000AD Strontium Dog-Archive Edition 001
Strontium Dog-Bounties and Warrants 106p.pdf
Strontium Dog-The Essential Strontium Dog Archive Edition v1-2
Strontium Dogs-The Poster Prog 001
Strontium Dogs-Whistler-4 issues (200AD Online
The Complete Strontium Dog Saga From Starlord & 2000AD
001 Starlord 1-2 Strontium Dog-Max Quirxx
002 Starlord 3-5 Strontium Dog-Papa Por-ka
003 Starlord Summer Special 1978 Strontium Dog-Untitled
004 Starlord 6-7 Strontium Dog-No Cure for Kansyr
005 Starlord 8-10 Strontium Dog-Planet of the Dead
006 Starlord 12-15 Strontium Dog-Two-Faced Terror
007 Starlord 17-19 Strontium Dog-Demon Maker
008 Starlord 21-22 Strontium Dog-The Brain
2000AD 01006-Durham Red-Epicedium
2000AD 0104-0118-Strontium Dog-Journey into Hell (JDMeg. Reprint)
2000AD 0104-0118-Strontium Dog-Journey into Hell
2000AD 0128b-(Starlord Annual 1980) Strontium Dog-Funfair of Fear
2000AD 0164b-(2000AD Sci-Fi Special 1980) Strontium Dog-Mutant Bounty Hunter!
2000AD 0175b-(Starlord Annual 1981) Strontium Dog-Untitled
2000AD 0175c-(2000AD Annual 1981) Strontium Dog-Night of the Blood-Freaks (Text)
2000AD 0178-0181-Strontium Dog-Death’s Head (JDMeg. Reprint)
2000AD 0178-0181-Strontium Dog-Death’s Head
2000AD 0182-0188-Strontium Dog-The Schicklgruber Grab
2000AD 0189-Strontium Dog-Mutie’s Luck
2000AD 0190-0193-Strontium Dog-The Doc Quince Case
2000AD 0194-0197-Strontium Dog-The Bad Boys Bust (JDMeg. Reprint)
2000AD 0194-0197-Strontium Dog-The Bad Boys Bust
2000AD 0200-0206-& 0210-0221-Strontium Dog-Portrait of a Mutant (Eagle)
2000AD 0200-0206-& 0210-0221-Strontium Dog-Portrait of a Mutant (Part 1)
2000AD 0200-0206-& 0210-0221-Strontium Dog-Portrait of a Mutant (Part 2)
2000AD 0224-0227-Strontium Dog-The Gronk Affair (JDMeg. Reprint)
2000AD 0224-0227-Strontium Dog-The Gronk Affair
2000AD 0228-0233-Strontium Dog-The Kid-Knee Caper (JDMeg. Reprint)
2000AD 0228-0233-Strontium Dog-The Kid-Knee Caper
2000AD 0266b-(2000AD Annual 1982) Strontium Dog-Untitled
2000AD 0275b-(2000AD Annual 1983) In the Doghouse (Vol.22a No. Beta 6)
2000AD 0275c-(2000AD Annual 1983) Strontium Dog-Incedent at the Back o’ Beyond!
2000AD 0335-0345-Strontium Dog-The Moses Incident
2000AD 0350-0359-Strontium Dog-The Killing
2000AD 0363-0385-Strontium Dog-Outlaw (New Version)
2000AD 0425-0434-Strontium Dog-Slavers of Drule
2000AD 0433b-(Annual 1986) Strontium Dog-The Beast of Milton Keynes
2000AD 0445-0465-Strontium Dog-Max Bubba
2000AD 0466-0467-Strontium Dog-Smiley’s World
2000AD 0497-0499-Strontium Dog-Warzone!
2000AD 0505-0529-Strontium Dog-Bitch (Part 1)
2000AD 0505-0529-Strontium Dog-Bitch (Part 2)
2000AD 0532-0536-Strontium Dog-The Royal Affair
2000AD 0540-0543-Strontium Dog-A Sorry Case
2000AD 0544-0553-Strontium Dog-The Rammy
2000AD 0560-0572-Strontium Dog-The Stone Killers
2000AD 0573-Strontium Dog-Incident on Zeta
2000AD 0578-Tales of the Doghouse-Back-to-Front Jones
2000AD 0579-Tales of the Doghouse-The Birdman of Alton Towers
2000AD 0580-0587-Strontium Dog-The No-Go Job
2000AD 0600-0647-Strontium Dog-The Final Solution (Part 1)
2000AD 0602b-(Winter Special 1988) Strontium Dog-Incident at the Birth of the Universe
2000AD 0612-Tales from the Doghouse-Chameleon
2000AD 0613-Tales from the Doghouse-Spud O’Riley
2000AD 0617-Tales from the Doghouse-Maeve the Many-Armed
2000AD 0623-0624-Tales of the Doghouse-Sting Ray
2000AD 0625-Tales of the Doghouse-Froggy Natterjack
2000AD 0626-Tales of the Doghouse-Ratty
2000AD 0636-0638-Tales of the Doghouse-Niall of the Nine Sausages
2000AD 0649-Tales from the Doghouse-Moosey
2000AD 0682-Strontium Dog-The Final Solution (Replay)
2000AD 0683-0687-Strontium Dog-The Final Solution (Part 2)
2000AD 0750-0761-Strontium Dogs-Monsters (JDMeg Reprint)
2000AD 0750-0761-Strontium Dogs-Monsters
2000AD 0759b-(JDMeg. 1.15-1.20) Middenface McNulty-Wan Man an’ His Dug
2000AD 0762-0773-Durham Red-Island of the Damned
2000AD 0786-0799-& Meg 2.04-2.09 Judge Dredd-Judgement Day
2000AD 0817-0824-Strontium Dogs-Return of the Gronk
2000AD 0850-0851-Strontium Dogs-How The Gronk Got His Heartses
2000AD 0855-0866-Strontium Dogs-The Darkest Star
2000AD 0889b-(2000AD Sci-Fi Special 1994) Strontium Dogs-Fast Breeder (Text Story)
2000AD 0897-0899-Strontium Dogs-Crossroads

And much more…

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MTCDC-NMC 43 Str-Supera.part3.rar – 4.4 GB
MTCDC-NMC 43 Str-Supera.part4.rar – 2.5 GB

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