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Thursday, 03 Dec 2020

MTCDC-NMC 16 DC from Di-Elr

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English | RAR | 23.9 GB

Disavowed 01-06 (Homage(2000)
Divine Intervention-Gen13 001-Diven Right 03 (1999).cbr
Divine Intervention-Wildcats 001-Diven Right 02 (1999).cbr
Divine Right 0.5,00-12 (image-WS(1998-1999)
Divine Right v1 TPB Preview (TPB unscanned.pdf
Divine Right v2 TPB Preview (TPB unscanned.pdf
DMZ 01-65 (2066-2011)
DMZ Mini Poster.pdf
DMZ-Body of a Journalist Mini Poster.pdf
DMZ-Friendly Fire Mini Poster.pdf
DMZ-Public Works Mini Poster.pdf
DMZ TPB covers
DMZ’s Origin.txt
Live From the DMZ-Documents the Life of Brian Wood’s Vertigo Opus.pdf
Doc Savage (DC
DC Doc Savage ad.jpg
Doc Savage Annual 001 (1989).cbr
Doc Savage v1 01-04 (1987-1988)
Doc Savage v2 01-24 (1988-1990)
Doc Savage v3 01-14 (2010-2011)
Doc Savage (Millenium
Dco Savage-Doom Dynasty 01-02 (1991)
Doc Savage-Devil’s Thoughts 001 ctc (1991).cbr
Doc Savage-Manual of Bronze 001 (1992).cbr
Doc Savage-Repel 001 (1991).cbr
Doc Savage-The Man of Bronze 01-02 (1991)
Doc Savage 001 (Gold Key(1966).cbr
Doc Savage Club Reader 010 (Conde Nast Publications.cbr
Doc Savage Comics v1 (Street and Smith – 7 issues
Doc Savage Info wGiant Colour Poster (Top Sellers(1975).cbr
Doc Savage-Curse of the Fire God 01-04 (Dark Horse(1995)
Doc Savage-Text Stories – 4 of countless that were published in pulp magazines
Reader’s Guide to Doc Savage comics.txt
Doctor Fate v1 01-04 (1987)
Doctor Fate v2 01-41 (1988-1992)
Doctor Fate v2 Annual 001 (1989).cbr
Doctor Fate v3 01-05 (2003)
Doctor Mid-Nite 01-03 (1999)
Doctor Strangefate (Amalgam(04-1996).cbr
Doctor Thirteen-Architecture and Morality TPB (2007).cbr
Dodo and the Frog 80-92 after Funny Stuff 79 (1954-1957)
Dog Moon (Vertigo(1996).cbr
Dokkoida (CMX-covers only. Unscanned. I couldn’t find a scanlation either. I looked way too hard for this to end with nothing.
Doll Man 01-47(i) (Quality(1941-1953) 34 of 47 issues. Dollman became A DC character
Doll Man Quarterly 01-16 (Quality(1941-1948)
DollMan 01-04 (Eternity(1991-1992)
Dome-Ground Zero GN (Helix(1998).cbr
Dong Xoai, Vietnam 1965 ctc (2010).cbr
Doom Force Preview (1992).cbr
Doom Force Special (07-1992).cbr
Doom Patrol and Suicide Squad Special (1987)
Doom Patrol v1 086-124 after My Greatest Adventure 85 (DC(1964-1973)
Doom Patrol v1-Crawling from the Wreckage TPB (1992).cbr
Doom Patrol v2 01-87 (DC-Vertigo(1987-1995)
Doom Patrol v2 Annual 01-02 (1988,1994)
Doom Patrol v3 01-22 (DC(2001-2003)
Doom Patrol v4 01-18 (2004-2006)
Doom Patrol v5 01-22 (2009-2011)
Doomsday Annual-Year One (1995).cbr
Doorway to Nightmare 01-05+unpub (1978)
Dormant Beast, The (Humanoids(2000).cbr
Dorothea v1-v4 (Kadokawa Comic-scanlated Japanese title is Majo no Tetsutsu – I’m not sure if I have all of volume one or not, I haven’t read it.
Dostoyevsky Comics-Batman Parody (AC(2007).cbr
Double Life of Private Strong 01-02 (Archie(1959) One of the MLJ Heroes – These guys failed at Archie failed at !mpact and seem to have failed in the DCU.
DragonLance 01-34 (DC(1988-1991)
Dragonlance Chronicles I-Dragons of Autumn Twilight 01-08 (DDP(2005-2006)
Dragonlance Chronicles II-Dragons of Winter Night 01-04 (DDP(2006-2007)
Dragonlance Chronicles III Dragons of Spring Dawning 01-12 (DDP(2007-2008)
Dragonlance Legends-Time of the Twins 01-03 (DDP(2008)
Dragonlance-The Legend of Huma 01-06 (DDP(2004-2006)
Dragonlance-Dragons of Krynn-RPG manual.pdf
Dragonlance-Fifth Age 01 (TSR.cbr
The Art of the Dragonlance Saga (TSR.pdf
The Dragonlance Saga GN 01-05 (TSR
Dragonfly-Cycle of Fire (Paragon(1991).cbr
The Dreaming 01-60 (1996-2001)
The Dreaming Special 001 (07-1998).cbr
Dual-Part 001 incl. Prologue p01-p60 (Zudacomics-DC Web(2008-2009).cbr
Dust Covers, the Collected Sandman Covers HC (1997).cbr
DV8 01-32 (Wildstorm-Image & DC(1996-1999)
DV8 Annual 01-02 (1998-1999)
DV8 Preview (Image(11-1997).cbr
DV8 vs. Blackops 01-03 (Image(1997)
DV8-Gods and Monsters 01-08 (DC-Wildstorm(2010)
DV8-Rave (Image(199).cbr

And much more…

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MTCDC-NMC 16 Di-Elr.part1.rar – 4.4 GB
MTCDC-NMC 16 Di-Elr.part2.rar – 4.4 GB
MTCDC-NMC 16 Di-Elr.part3.rar – 4.4 GB
MTCDC-NMC 16 Di-Elr.part4.rar – 4.4 GB
MTCDC-NMC 16 Di-Elr.part5.rar – 4.4 GB
MTCDC-NMC 16 Di-Elr.part6.rar – 2.1 GB

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