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How do I get access to all comics?

First of all, thank you so much for your support.

As all of you know, ComicsFood is sharing comics for all of you, but only if you’re subscriber.
The truth is, there is nothing that is truly free in this world. Even for this website, there are still costs that I need to pay. Mainly are for domain, server and RDP that could make ComicsFood up and running. That’s why ComicsFood has become a private website and download links is disabled for all guests. If you want to have access to all comics, you must be subscriber. Click SUBSCRIBE BUTTON for instructions.

All comics are uploaded in two filehosts: rapidgator.net and uploadgig.com because i can store more files and are keeped much longer than other filehosts. Any broken link is fixed in short time after reporting…no need to worry if you want to download some comics and are dead links. All comics from ComicsFood can be fixed without problem.

I saw many email addresses are not good. After you subscribe, just send your good email address here: [email protected] to create your account and send you login details!

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