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Thursday, 17 Dec 2020

Alan Moore (Collection)

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1 Sounds
1963 (parody)
2000 AD
Alan Moore – Maxwell The Magic Cat
Alan Moore text pieces (loopyjoe-DCP)
Alan Moore Unpublished Awesome Comics
Alan Moore’s Hypothetical lizard (complete)
America’s Best Comics (ABC)
America’s Best Creator
Batman The Gun
Big Numbers
Captain Britain
Chain Reaction
Doctor Who Magazine
Dodgem Logic
England Their England – Monsters, Maniacs and (Alan) Moore
Fashion Beast
From Hell
Interview Knave March 1986 (By Neil Gaiman)
Interviews & Dossiers
It’s a Miracle! (Speakeasy 52)
Lost Girls
Maxwell The Magic Cat
Moore and Claremont Speak Out On Writing (Speakeasy 54)
Spawn – Violator 001-003
Spawn – Wildcats 001-004
Star Wars
Superman U.K
Swamp Thing
The Ballad of Halo Jones
The Bojeffries Saga
The Collector
The Courtyard
The Culture Show
the magic of alan moore_ interview with alex fitch,
The Mindscape of Alan Moore
The Other Side – Comic Tales With Alan Moore
The Snow Queen (serialised story illustrated by Alan Davis)
Twilight Of The Superheroes
Tygers ( Alan Moore & Kevin O’Neil) (Fom Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual 02)
V for Vendetta (digital)
V for Vendetta (Sep 88 – May 89)
Violator vs. Badrock
Watchmen (digital)
Yuggoth Cultures
25,000 Years of Erotic Freedom by Alan Moore (2009) (c2c).cbr
A Small Killing.cbr
AARGH! (Artists Against Rampant Government Homophobia) [Mad Love] (1st Edition) (1988) (~Cclay~).cbr
Adventures of Luther Arkwright #01 (1990) (introduction by Alan Moore).cbr
Alan Moore – TheBirthCaul (13.5meg).cbz
Alan Moore – Voice of the Fire (1997 paperback) (LJ-DCP).cbr
Alan Moore – Voice of the Fire v1.0.pdf
Alan Moore & Neil Gaiman – Alan Moore’s Songbook – The Murders on the Rue Morgue.cbz
Alan Moore- A Small Killing.cbr
Alan Moore and Dave Sim correspondence.cbz
Alan Moore interview from Fantasy Advertiser 80 (1983) (loopyjoe-DCP).cbr
Alan Moore on Frank Miller.cbz
Alan Moore Spells It Out – Bill Baker (c2c) (2005) (loopyjoe-DCP).cbr
Alan Moore The Legend Talks (SFX Sept 2006).cbr
Alan Moore’s Another Suburban Romance (2003) (Team-DCP).cbr
Alan Moore’s Exit Interview (c2c) (2007) (loopyjoe-DCP).cbr
Alan Moore’s Light of Thy Countenance (2009) (Avatar) (OCD-Xandre).cbr
Alan Moore’s Love Doesn’t Last Forever – epic.cbr
Alan Moore’s Neonomicon Hornbook (2010) (Minutemen-DTermined).cbr
Alan Moore’s Outbreaks of Violets (1995) (low res).cbr
Alan Moore’s Songbook (Caliber 1999) (c2c).cbr
Astounding Weird Penises 258 (2010).cbr
Batman – The Killing Joke.cbr
Batman Annual #011.cbr
Batman The Killing Joke The Deluxe Edition HC (2008) (Minutemen-Y2K).cbr
Brought to Light.cbr
Captain Airstrip One (Mad Dog #010).cbr
Christmas on depravity [1981].cbr
Daredevil – Alan Moore Mocks Frank Miller.pdf
DC Comics Presents #085 Superman Swamp Thing Alan Moore.cbr
Doctor Who – Alan Moore Stories.cbr
Eddie Campbell’s Egomania 002 – Alan Moore Interview [2002] (Imbie).cbr
Embryo #002.cbr
Fearless Fury 01 [Image] (Ashcan) (Alan Moore 1963 Universe) Twobyfour.cbr
Fire From Heaven #01.cbr
Garry Leach and Alan Moore interview from Hellfire 01 (1983) (loopyjoe-DCP).cbr
Globetrotting For Agoraphobiacs, by Alan Moore (Excerpt from Knockabout 09) (1985) (loopyjoe-DCP).cbr
Green Arrow_Night Olympics (Detective 549-550).cbr
Green Lantern – The Complete Alan Moore.cbr
Grit! (Daredevils #008).cbr
Heroes For Hope Starring The X-Men #001 (Magneto Sequence; Pages #016-018).cbr
I Was Superman’s Double!.cbr
Interview with Rick Veitch & Steve Bissette – Hero Premiere Edition #6 [1993] (Broomhandle Mauser-DCP).cbr
Legless! (from Eddie Campbell’s Bacchus 018, Maxwell the Magic Cat panels).cbr
Letter from Northampton (Heartbreak Hotel #1, 1987).cbr
Magic Words #01 (2002) (Was-DCP).cbz
Mr Monster’s Gal Friday Kelly 03i [Image] (2000) (It’s Kelly’s Boyfriend Mr Monster Only) (loopyjoe-DCP).cbr
Omega Men – Complete Alan Moore.cbr
Once There Were Daemons (Embryo #005).cbr
Protected Species – Alan Moore.cbr
Roscoe Moscow In Who Killed Rock N’ Roll (Partial Reconstruction).cbr
Roscoe Moscow- Who Killed Rock ‘N’ Roll, Curt Replies (Sounds 1979-1980).cbr
Scant Applause (Frantic Winter Special).cbr
Secret Origins #10 … Phantom Stranger.cbr
Sinister Ducks.cbr
Spirit – The New Adventures #01(1998).cbr
Spirit – The New Adventures #03(1998).cbz
star death.cbr
Superman – Whatever Happend to the Man of Tomorrow.cbr
Superman – Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow DVD Issue DC 2006 52p c2c (Brainiac.ActionComics).cbr
Superman Annual 11 – For The Man Who Has Everything.cbz
Ten Little Liggers [Sounds] (1980-27-12) (Curt Vile – Alan Moore) (~Cclay~).cbr
Ten Little Liggers! (Sounds December 27, 1980).cbr
The Ballad Of Halo Jones – In The Red Theatre Production (1988).cbr
The Bride of Pressbutton [Sounds] (25th December 1982) (Curt Vile – Alan Moore) (Pádraig Ó Méalóid).cbr
The Complete Alan Moore @ Sounds – Christmas On Depravity [1981-12-26] (reprint from Warrior) (4colorheroes).cbr
The Complete Alan Moore @ Sounds – Roscoe Moscow – Who Killed Rock N Roll (1979) (compilation from Sounds) (4colorheroes).cbr
The Complete Alan Moore @ Sounds – Ten Little Liggers! [1980-12-27] (extract from Sounds) (4colorheroes).cbr
The Complete Alan Moore @ Sounds – The Bride of Pressbutton! [1982-12-25] (extract from Sounds) (4colorheroes).cbr
The Complete Alan Moore @ Sounds – The Stars My Degradation (1980) (compilation from Sounds) (4colorheroes).cbr
The Complete Bojeffries Saga TPB (1992) (Lusiphur-DCP).cbr
The Complete Frank Miller Batman HC (1989) (i) (introduction only) – The Mark of Batman by Alan Moore.cbr
The Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore – Indispensable Edition (2009) (new content only).cbz
The Magus is House Proud.cbr
The Maxx #21.cbz
The Mirror of Love (2003) (digital-Empire).cbz
The One TPB (King Hell Press – 2003) (i) (Alan Moore introduction only).cbr
The Stars My Degradation (Sounds 1980-1983).cbr
The Unbelievable N-Man 01 Ashcan (Alan Moore 1963 Universe) (Twobyfour).cbr
This Is Information (A.M’s response to 9-11).cbr
Three Eyes McGurk & His Death Planet Commandos (Dark Star #022-025).cbr
Three Eyes McGurk and His Death Planet Commandos.cbz
Untitled (Not! The World Cup Special!).cbr
Vigilante – Father’s Day (17-18).cbr
Wildstorm Spotlight – Majestic.cbr
Words Without Pictures (1990) (Arcane-Eclipse) (c2c).cbr
Writing For Comics.cbz
Zero Girl TPB (Wildstorm – 2001) (i) (Alan Moore introduction only).cbr

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